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COMING SOON! Asian Studies 52:1 (2016) | Filipino Nurses' Migration to Japan under JPEPA
Asian Studies 51:2 (2015) | (Post)Colonial Philippines: Local Politics, Global Mobilities
Asian Studies 51:1 (2015) | Emerging Asian Communities in Contemporary Philippines
Asian Studies 50:2 (2014)
Asian Studies 50:1 (2014)
Asian Studies 49:2 (2013) | Transnational Flows and Spaces of Interactions in Asia
Asian Studies 49:1 (2013)
Asian Studies 48:1-2 (2012) | Backrooms, Battlefields and Backhoes: The Mindanao Conundrum
Asian Studies 47 (2011) | Cultural Hybridities of the Philippines
Asian Studies 46:1-2 (2010) | Islam and Philippine Society: The Writings of Cesar Adib Majul