Asian Studies 11:3 (December 1973)

Asian Studies 11:3 (December 1973)

Asia and the humanities
Cesar Adib Majul

A divisible and graduated peace
Estrella D. Solidum and Roman Dubsky

The Chinese in Southeast Asia: China commitments and local assimilation
 Llewellyn D. Howell, Jr.

China's diplomacy through art: a discussion on some of the archaeological and art finds in the People's Republic of China 
Aurora Roxas Lim

Hunting and fishing among the Southern Kalinga
Robert Lawless

Unity and disunity in the Muslim struggle
Samuel K. Tan

Images of nature in Swettenham's early writings: prolegomenon to a historical perspective
on Peninsular Malaysia's ecological problems

Robert S. Aiken

Sugbuanon drama: a preliminary list of plays acquired by the University
Wilhelmina Q. Ramas

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