Overcoming Language Barriers: Filipino/Japanese Youths as Transmigrants in the Philippines
      Michiyo YONENO-REYES

Connections, Contracts and Sanctions: Informal Commercial Contracting Among Chinese in Metro Manila
      Tina CLEMENTE and Marco LAGMAN

Migration and Business:  A Survey of Indian Communities in the Philippines
       Joefe SANTARITA

West Asian Communities in the Philippines: An Exploratory Study of Migrant Iranians, Jews, Arabs, and Turkish
       Henelito SEVILLA, Jr.

Indonesian Diaspora Identity Construction in a Southern Mindanao Border Crossing
       Rolando TALAMPAS


Asian Studies for Filipinos: The Philippines in the Asian Century
       Janus Isaac NOLASCO

Chinese New Year as a National Holiday: Towards Cultural Understanding In the Philippines?
       Ivy Marie GANADILLO

Keeping Tradition and Accepting Transformation: Interviews of Korean Women in the Philippines
       Marian GONGORA


Truth and Reconciliation in South Korea: Between the Present and Future of the Korean Wars edited by Jae-Jung Suh
       Reviewed by Edward REED  

Musika at Bagong Lipunan: Pagbuo ng Lipunang Filipino, 1972-1986 by Raul Casantusan Navarro
       Reviewed by Arwin TAN   

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami
       Reviewed by Alona GUEVARRA


Hollywood and Possession
     Marina DURANO

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