Seeing Conjunctions, Making Comparisons: Essay In Honor of Benedict Anderson***(Erratum)
      Janus Isaac NOLASCO 

      Janus Isaac NOLASCO and Patricia Camille VILLA


The Southeast Asian Region and the Academe in Turbulent Times

“Temple of Dance?”: Interrogating the Sanskritization of Pangalay

Disasters and State of Exception: Tacloban, Yolanda, and the Political Thought of Giorgio Agamben
     Gerardo LANUZA and Jed Martin TINGSON

Cannibalism Among Japanese Soldiers in Bukidnon, Philippines, 1945–47
     Rolando ESTEBAN


Why You Should Read ‘This Earth of Mankind’
     Max LANE

The Early 20th-Century U.S.-Dutch Conflict over Pulau Mangias: Its Relevance to Maritime and Territorial Disputes
     Allan Chester NADATE and Earl David DUMALAOG

Towards and Asian Platform on Transforming Energy Systems
     Asian Conference on Energy and Asian Climate Justice Assembly Discussions

Women and the Crisis of Land, Food, Water and Climate Change
     Asian People's Movement on Debt and Development

Statement of the NGO Forum on ADB on ACEF 2016
     NGO Forum on the ADB

Statement for Core Labor Standards Across Asian Development Bank Operations
     NGO Forum on ADB


Diminishing Conflicts in Asia and the Pacific: Why some Subside and Others Don’t (2013) by Edward Aspinall, Robin Jeffrey, and Anthony Regan
     Reviewed by Amador PELEO

Enduring Rivalries in the Asia-Pacific (2013) by Steve Chan
     Reviewed by Aliya PELEO

The Chinese Question: Ethnicity, Nation, and Region in and Beyond the Philippines (2014) by Caroline Hau
     Reviewed by Johanna ZULUETA

Sakdalistas' Struggle for Philippine Independence, 1930-1945 (2014) by Motoe Terami-Wada
     Reviewed by Satoshi ARA


Ethics, Politics, and Society in China and the Philippines: Comparative Impressions
     Kaisheng LI

Filipino Identity through Foreign Eyes: Reflections of an Exchange Student in Korea
     Marian GONGORA


Cry of Mindanao

Dis is Amerika

     Max LANE

     Max LANE

About the Contributors 

***Erratum (9 September 2016): the essay mentions that Benedict Anderson's ashes were scattered across the Java Sea, but they were actually placed in an urn and lowered to the bottom of the sea. A revised version will be uploaded as soon as possible. 

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