The Philippine Revolution (1896-1901) within the context of Asian history: A comparative study of anti-colonial movements in Asia, 1857-1918

Text and politics: Transactions of power in the early provincial Philippines 
     Danilo M. GERONA

The politicization of the Philippine Catholic Church 
     Edgardo DAGDAG

The ideas of Gregorio Sancianco: A blueprint for economic development in the 19th century Philippines
     Aurora ROXAS-LIM

How CPR could have averted the Vietnam War 
     Armando S. MALAY, Jr.

Deceptive nationalism and the 1998 Philippine Centennial Commemoration: A Philippine Muslim's view 
     Abraham P. SAKILI

Bhinneka Tinggal Eka: The development of a national language in the Philippines 
     Juan R. FRANCISCO

El cuerpo, razon at kapangyarihan / The body, reason and power: Filipino elite cosmologies of state under the American Colonial Rule, 1890s-1920s 
     Julian GO III

Bayani at Pagpapakabayani
     Prospero COVAR

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