In making sense of families in present-day Asia, we look at both the effects of rapid modernization of and in Asia and its consequent ideational shifts as well as the persisting sociological and political trajectories that continue to shape family norms in this part of the world. This Asian Studies Special Issue on Families in Asia specifically gathers the latest empirical research and informed reflections on the themes of cultural shifts, inequalities, and politics within the family in the region.


Veronica L. GREGORIO is a Lecturer (Social Sciences) at the College of Humanities and Sciences, National University of Singapore. Her thematic research interests include gender and sexuality, family sociology, and youth studies, with a regional focus on Southeast Asia. She has conducted fieldwork in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, utilizing ethnographic, visual, and digital methodologies. Her research has been published in academic journals, including Current Sociology, Review of Women's Studies, Philippine Sociological Review, and Simulacra Jurnal Sosiologi. Her latest work is the co-edited volume, Resilience and Familism: The Dynamic Nature of Families in the Philippines published by Emerald Publishing in 2023.
Cleve V. ARGUELLES writes on political and social change in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. He is President and Chief Executive Officer of WR NUMERO, Assistant Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Political Science and Development Studies at the De La Salle University, and a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Political and Social Change, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, Australian National University.


Type of Manuscript:   Introduction
Volume, Issue, Year:   Volume 58, Issue 2, Year 2022
Pages:   i–v

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