Asian Studies 10:2 (1972)

Cultural idiom and the problem
of planned change: A case study
from a Philippine municipalit

F. Landa Jocano

Cultural fictions: The functions and dysfunctions of social mythology
George H. Weightman

The People's Republic of China as a nuclear power: A study of Chinese statements on global strategy
Leo Y. Liu

Indonesia-India Relations, 1955-1967
Nitish K. Dutt

An analysis of the June 17, 1971 agreement between Japan
and the United States

Valentine J. Belfiglio

The Cursillo Movement: Its impact on Philippine society 
Purificacion G. Bautista

Modernization and the secular state in Southeast Asia
 Alfredo G. Parpan

The Singapore Herald affair
Joseph B. Tamney

Government legislation for Chinese secret societies
in the Straits Settlements in the late Nineteenth Century 
Siok-hwa Cheng

Aesthetic values in contemporary Japan: The effects of industrialization
and a consumer economy on Japanese aesthetic values
 Edward A. Olsen

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